Animal Dungeon

When: 2018

Why: Final Project Intro to Game Dev

For: PC

How Long: 3 Months

Who: 6 Teammates

With: Unity + C# Scripting + UNet

Animal Dungeon is top-down 2D game set into various fictional dungeons. The player moves from dungeon to dungeon, each containing enemies or bosses. The game becomes progressively difficult depending on the amount of players and their levels. It only ends when all of the the players die.

– Four-player Online Multiplayer arena combat game
– Game features procedurally generated dungeons and an economy system
– Implemented all Network Code and created a 4 player experience

The Team:

LIGANOR, Ricardo: Team Lead, Programmer
CHEN, Dongyu: Programmer, Sound Artist
LAM, Hiu Tung: Programmer, Artist
BRAULT, Felix: Programmer
VAN, Catherine: Programmer, Artist
LE FAUCHEUR, Lucas: Programmer