Escape the Room

When: 2018

Why: Game dev is fun

For: PC

How Long: 7 days

Who: Me

With: C++, Unreal

I want to be a great game dev one day, and be a part of the world that can bring people the same escape and the solace I felt when I loaded up my Nintendo 64 as a kid. To acheive that goal, it starts with learning idustry tools like the Unreal Engine. On my journey to learn, I started the game developper courses on and one of the projects was to create a room escape game. So over my spring break, I burst into action and created my version of a virtual escape room.

– Built a local Coop – Online multiplayer racing game utilizing both aspects
– I was the Network integrator on the team
– Created an integration with Twitch streaming services to have fan interaction
– Networked the player interactions such as physics movements