Fastend Furious

When: 2019

Why: Ubisoft Game Lab Competition

For: PC

How Long: 3 months

Who: 8 Teammates

With: Unity + C# Scripting + Photon Networking


Nominated for Judges Award!

– Built a local Coop – Online multiplayer racing game utilizing both aspects
– I was the Network integrator on the team
– Created an integration with Twitch streaming services to have fan interaction
– Networked the player interactions such as physics movements

The Team:

JEBALI, Zied: Team Lead, Programmer, Designer
LIGANOR, Ricardo: Programmer, Project Manager
SMITH, Scott: Programmer
LAM, Hiu Tung: Programmer
HER, Doug: Artist, Programmer
LIN, Nicole: Artist
LIM, Melissa: Artist
PARE-CHOUINARD, Samuel: Sound Engineer