Hopping to Return

When: 2019

Why: 2019 MTL Game Jam

For: PC

How Long: 46 Hours

Who: 5 Teammates

With: Unity + C# Scripting

This is a fun game jam project that I took on with some friends, and was really impressed by going in a different direction then our normal game jams, or game development process. In this project, the programmers took a back seat and let the sound engineer and the artist take over in the game design. This was a really refreshing experience to see how other disciplines view the game making process and allowed to create a much different game then I was used to.

– Project Manager of a team that created an Art based Point-and-Click game
– Created a 3D image of a 2D game to apply specific path finding
– Created a point and click mechanics using generic interfaces


LIGANOR, Ricardo : Programmer, Team Lead
MIKHALITSIN, Artem: Programmer
VAN, Catherine: Programmer
VALLIÈRES, Marie-Hélène : Sound Artist
OUELLET, Fanny-Clara: Artist