Llama Trauma

When: 2018

Why: Concordia Makes Games Gamejam

For: PC

How Long: 2 days

Who: 3 friends (2 Programmers, 1 Sound Engineer)

With: Unity + C# Scripting

Play with a friend or challenge yourself to help both these llamas to the lake. In this epic saga, two llamas try helping their pal, the fish, to get home to the lake. Join these unlikely friends as they combat unfriendly terrain, and some development bugs and try to get the fish home!

The journey is full of jumping puzzles that will challenge any gamer, and don’t forget that llamas aren’t made for carrying fish! Keep an eye on the fish timer, or else the fish might slip off and game over.

– Prototyped a working platformer level with multiple challenges for players
– Created controls that work for single player and multiplayer CO-OP
– Team lead of 3 members, with all music and animations created in-house

The Team:

LIGANOR, Ricardo: Team Lead, Programmer
MIKHALITSIN, Artem: Programmer
DORE, Felix: Sound Artist