Operation Double

When: 2019

Why: 13e Creative Jam

For: PC

How Long: 46 Hours

Who: 7 Teammates

With: Unity + C# Scripting

During the 13th edition of the Creative Jam by Polygames and the NAD that
occured from the 11th to the 13th of January 2019. The theme was evasion,
and the technical challenge : adaptive difficulty.

– Developed a 3D Museum Robbery game that implemented enemy AI
– AI developed using behavior trees and decision making algorithms
– Implements a difficulty increases with player skill rating

LIGANOR, Ricardo : Programmer
FORTIN, Vincent : Programmer
LOCAS PAQUETTE, Frédérick : Visual Artist
MACKENZIE, Vivianne : Visual Artist
QUESNEL, Claire : Programmer
VACHON BUREAU, Guillaume : Programmer
VALLIÈRES, Marie-Hélène : Sound Artist