Ultimate Car Game

When: 2017

Why: Class Project turned into game

For: PC | Mac | Linux

How Long: 2 months

Who: 3 friends (Programmers)

With: C++, OpenGL

What started as a simple school project turned into a source of great pride. Students partaking in this Computer Graphics course, are introduced to basic techniques and concepts of 3D computer graphics for applications in various sectors. These techniques and concepts include 2D and 3D transformations, modeling and representation, illumination, and shading, rendering, texturing, animation, physics-based animation, all of which are implemented to achieve the result of our application.

– Interactive car game created using C++ and OpenGL engine
– Gameplay features interactive play, dynamic lighting including shadows, music, highscores, and much more

The Team:

LIGANOR, Ricardo: Team Lead, Programmer
VAN, Catherine: Programmer, Artist
THANG, Vong: Programmer